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Also the 15 Retro Gamer Magazine Cover disks

 and now the Fruit machine download as Zip Files

can be downloaded as a digital download for 50p each


What MSX Magazine Nov-Dec 1984 zip file

What MSX Magazine Summer 1985 zip file

What MSX Magazine Autumn 1985 zip file

What MSX Magazine Winter 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine Aug 1984 zip file

MSX User Magazine Sept 1984 zip file

MSX User Magazine Dec 1984 zip file

MSX User Magazine Jan 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine Feb 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine March 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine April 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine May 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine June 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine July 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine Aug 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine Sept 1985 zip file

MSX User Magazine Oct 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Nov 1984 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Dec 1984 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Feb 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine May 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine June 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Aug/Sept 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Oct/Nov 1985 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Dec 85 / Jan 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Feb/Mar 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Apr/May 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Jun/July 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Aug/Sept 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Oct/Nov 86 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Dec 86/ Jan 87 zip file

MSX Computing Magazine Feb / March 87 zip file



MSX Emulator

MSX Computing Magazine

Dec 1986-Jan 1987 - Apr - May 1986 - Aug - Sept 1985 - Aug - Sept 1986 - Dec 1985 - Jan 1986 - Dec 1984 - Feb - March 1986 - Feb 1985

May 1985 - June 1985 - Oct - Nov 1986

Feb - March 1987 - Jun - July 1986 - Nov 1984

MSX Tape Computing backing card (front and back)

no.4 - no.6 - no.7 - no.8 - no.9

MSX User

Dec 1984 - Feb 1985 - Jan 1985 - March 1985 - August 1984 - Sept 1984 - October 1985

What MSX Magazine

Autumn 1985 - Nov - Dec 1984 - Summer 1985 - Winter 1985

Toshiba 200 Software Titles

(147 English typed in games and programs from the magazines above)

Magazine Articles from

Which Micro 1984 - Mirrorsoft Catalogue 1984-1985 - Mirrorsoft Catalogue 1988 - Home Computer Update

Your Computer Magazine Dec 1984 - Your Computer Magazine Jan 1985



MSX Dutch Magazine

no.s 8 - 10 -11 - 12 - 13 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 (Page 11 & 12 missing) - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 (Index Page Missing)

29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 - 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 (Page 33,34,35,36,53,54 missing)

49 (Page 33,34,35,36 missing)50 - 5118 Dutch typed in games

All Videos

All Videos

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A View to a Kill ,DOMARK(c,i) Ace of Aces KIXX (c,i) Addictaball ALLIGATA (c,i) Afterburner ACTIVISION (I) Alien 8 ULTIMATE (c,i)

Aliens ELECTRIC DREAMS (c,i) Alphablaster LIVEWIRE (c,i) Amaruote MAD (c,i) Angleball MAD (c,i) Arknoid THE HIT SQUAD (c,i)

Army Moves SUMMIT (c,i) Artist ELECTRIC DREAMS (c,i) Astro Blaster EUROSOFT (c,i)Astro Plumber BLUE RIBBON (c,i)

Astro Rocks KUMA (c,) Attacked MICROVALUE (c,i) Auf Wiedershen Monty GREMLIN (c,i) Avenger GREMLIN (c,i)

Backgammon ELECTRIC DREAMS (c,i) Ballblazer ACTIVISION (c,i) Barbarian PSYGNOSIS (c) Barnstormer ELECTRIC SOFTWARE (c,i) Batman HIT SQUAD (c,i) Battle for Midway PSS (c,i) Battleship Clacpton TOSHIBA (c,i) Beamrider ACTIVISION (c,) BinaryLand KUMA (c,i)

Blackbeard KIXX (c,i) Blagger ALLIGATA (c,) Blot Boxe VISIOGAME (c,i)BMX Simulator CODEMASTERS (c,i)

Boardello BUBBLEBUS (c,i) Bounder GREMLIN (c,i) Booga boo the Flea QUICKSILVA (c,i) Boom EAGLESOFT (c,) Boom EUROSOFT (c,i)

Bop BUGBYTE (c,i) Boulderdash ORPHEUS (c,i) Break in EAGLESOFT(c,i) Breakout TOSHIBA (c,) Brian Clough CDS (c,i)

Brian Jacks RICOCHET (c,i) Bridge KUMA (c,i) Bridge INFOGRAMES (c,i) Bubbler ULTIMATE (c,i) Buck Rogers PHILIPS (c,i)

Buster Block KUMA (c,i) Buzz Off ELECTRIC DREAMS (c,i)

Can of Worms LIVE WIRE (c,i) Cannon Fighter MORWOOD(c,i) Captain S WINNER (c,i) Castle Blackstar CDS (c,i)

Cetus MICROVALUE (c,i) Champ PSS(c,i) Checkmate TOSHIBA (c,) Chicken Chase BUGBYTE (c,i) Chiller MASTERTRONIC (c,i)

Chubby Gristle BUGBYTE (c,i) Chuckie Egg ANF (c,i) Classic Adventure MELBOURNE HOUSE (c,i) Cluedo WADDINGTONS (c,i)

Coco in the Castle KUMA (c,i) Colony BULLDOG (c,i) Colosseum KIXX (c,i) Colossus Chess CDS (c,i) Colour Fantasia KIMA (c,i)

Colt 36 TOPO (c,i)Cometa Halley SONY (c,i)Communications KUMA (c,) Congo LIVEWIRE (c,i) Contact Bridge ALLIGATA (c,i)

Cosmic Shock Absorber MARTECH (c,i)Crazy Golf MR MICRO (c,i) Cubit MR MICRO (c,i)

Danger Mouse AS (c,i) Darts BLUE RIBBON (c,i) Dawn Patrol EAGLESOFT (c,i) Death Valley Gold Rush KUMA (c,i)

Death Wish III GREMLIN (c,i) Decathlon ACTIVISION (c,i) Devs Ex Machina NU WAVE (c,i)

Diamond Mine II BLUE RIBBON (c,i) Dig Dug BUG BYTE (c,i) Disc Warrior BUDGIE (c,i) Dizzy Balloon MICROBYTE (c,i)

Dizzy Dice PLAYERS (c,i) Dog Fighter KUMA (c,i) Donimoes MICROTEKNIX (c)Driller Tanks KUMA (c,i) Driller Tanks HUDSON SOFT (c,i)

Dynamite Dan MIRRORSOFT (c,i)

Eddie Kidd RICOCHET (c,i) Eddy II HAL (I) Elidon ORPHEUS (I) Elite FIREBIRD (I) Emilio Butragueno TOPO (c,i)

Eric and the Floaters KUMA (c,i) Eric and the Floaters HUDSON SOFT (c,i) European Games TYNESOFT(c,i) Eye ENDURANCE (c,i)

Feud BULLDOG (c,i) Finders Keepers MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Fire Rescue KUMA (c,i) Firehawk PLAYERS (c,i)

Flash Gordon MAD (c,i) Foot Volley PLAYERS (c,i) Football Manager ADDICTIVE (c,i) Football Manger World 1990 ADDICTIVE (c,i)

Footballer of the Year GREMLIN (c,i) Formula One MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Forth KUMA (c,) Freddy Hardest AS (c,i)

French is Fun CDS (c,i) Frog EUROSOFT (c,i) Fruity frank KUMA (c,) Future Knight GREMLIN (c,i)

Galactic Mercenaries KUMA(c,i)Galaga BUGBYTE (c,i) Galaxia KUMA (c,) Galaxian BUGBYTE (c,i) Game Over SUMMIT (c,i)

Game Over II SUMMIT (c,i)Gary Lineker GREMLIN (c,) Gauntlet KIXX (c,i) Gauntlet US GOLD (c,i) Genograms MICROTEKNIX (c,i)

Ghostbusters ACTIVISION(c,i)Gilbert AGAIN AGAIN (c,i) Giros VISIOGAME (c,i) Gods of the Tomb MEGACYCAL (c,i)

Gridtrap LIVEWIRE (c,i) Grogs Revenge US GOLD (c,i) Gunfright ULTIMATE (c,i) Gunsmoke CAPCOM (c,i)

Happy Fret EAGLESOFT (c,i) Hercules GREMLIN (c,i) Hero ACTIVISION (c,i)Home Budget KUMA (c,i)

Hopper EAGLESOFT (c,i) Hotshoe ECLIPSE (c,i) Humphrey MR MICRO (c,i) Hunchback OCEAN (c,i) Hunter Killer KUMA (c,)

Hustler BUBBLEBUS (c,i) Hyper Sports 1 KONAMI (c,i) Hyper Rally KONAMI (c,i) Hyper Viper KUMA (c,)

Ice EAGLESOFT (c,i) Icicle Works STATESOFT (c,i) Indiana Jones US GOLD (c,i)

International Karate ENDURANCE (c,i) Invaders LIVEWIRE (c,i) Invasion BULLDOG (c,i)

Jack the Nipper GREMLIN (c,i) Jackle & Wide BULLDOG (c,i) Jet Bomber EAGLESOFT (c,i) Jet Fighter EAGLESOFT (c,)

Jet Set Willy SOFTWARE PROJECTS (c,i) Jet Set Willy II SOFTWARE PROJECTS (c,i) Joe Blade PLAYERS (c,i)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth BUGBYTE (c,i) Jump Jet ANIROG (c,i) Jumpin Jack LIVEWIRE (c,i)

Kick It EAGLESOFT (c,) Knight Orc RAINBIRD (I) Knight Tyme MAD (c,i)

Knightlore ULTIMATE (c,i) Knightmare KIONAMI (I) Krakout GREMLIN (c,i) Krakout KIXX (c,i) Kubus KUMA (c,i)

Lancelot LEVEL 9 (c,i) Las Vegas Video Poker MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Laser Squad BLADE (I) Lazer Bykes PSS (c,i)

Lazy Jones TERMINAL SOFTWARE (c,i) Le Mans ELECTRIC SOFTWARE (c,i) Les Flics PSS (c,i)

Lets Go MSX CHESHIRE CAT (c,i) Livingstone ALLIGATA (c,i)

M Droid BLUE RIBBON (c,i) Macadam Bumper PLAYERS (c,i) Maxima PSS (c,i)

Magic Carpet HITECH (c,i) Mandragore INFOGRAMES (c,i) Manic Miner SOFTWARE PROJECTS (c,i) Mappy BUGBYTE (c,i)

Martianoids ULTIMATE (c,i) Mask II GREMLIN (c,i) Master Chess MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Master of the Lamps ACTIVISION (c,i)

Masters of the Universe GREMLIN (c,) Mayhem MR MICRO (c,i) Mazes Unlimited EAGLESOFT (c,i) Mean Streets KUMA (c,)

Milk Race MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Minder DK TRONICS (c,i) Molecule Man MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Monopoly WADDINGTONS (c,i)

Moonrider EAGLESOFT (c,i) Mr Jaws EAGLESOFT (c,i) Music Maestro KUMA (c,)

Navy Moves DINAMIC (c,i) Nemesis KONAMI (I) Ninja KUMA (c,i) Ninja HUDSON SOFT (c,i) Ninja EAGLESOFT (c,i)

North Sea Rescue EAGLESOFT (c) Nosh ANMA`S (c,i) Nightshade ULTIMATE (c,i)

Ocean Conqueror RACK IT (c,i) Octagon Squad MASTERTRONIC (c,i)

Oh Mummy ECLIPSE (c,i) Oh No EAGLESOFT (c,) Oil`s Well EAGLESOFT (c,i) Ole BUGBYTE (c,i) Operation Alignment GLOBAL (c,i)

Pacland GRANDSLAM (c,i)Pacman BUGBYTE (c,i)

Pacmania GRANDSLAM (c,i) Panel Panic EAGLESOFT (c,i) Panic Junction MORWOOD (c,i)

Panique EAGLESOFT (c,i) Panzer Attack LOTHLORIEN (c,i) Paris Dakar ZIGURAT (c,i) Passing Shot IAMGE WORKS (c,i)

Pasteman Pat SILVERBIRD (c,i) Patience MORWOOD (c,i) Pelmanism KUMA (c,) Peter Beardsley BUGBYTE (c,i)

Pico Pico EAGLESOFT (c,i) Pinball Game TOSHIBA (c,i) Pineapplin PANASONIC (c,i) Pitfall II ACTIVISION (c,i)

Polar Star TOSHIBA (c,i) Police Academy EAGLESOFT (c,) Pretty Sheep HUDSON SOFT (c,i) Professional Snooker CODEMASTERS (c,i)

Protector EAGLESOFT (c,i) Psychedelia LLAMASOFT (c,i) Punch & Judy AS (c,i) Punchy MR MICRO (c,i) Pyramid Warp TOSHIBA (c,i)

Quasar MICRO VALUE (c,i) Quebert EUROSOFT (c,i)

Rally X BUGBYTE (c,i) Rambo III OCEAN (c,i) Rasterscan MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Reflex PLAYERS (c,i)

Rescue from Atlantis SUMMIT (c,i) River Raid ACTIVISION (c,i) Robocop (ocean (c,i) Robot Wars EAGLESOFT (c,i)

Sailor`s Delight EAGLESOFT (c,i) Salvage LIVEWIRE (c,i) Scentipede EAGLESOFT (c,) Scentipede EUROSOFT (c,i)

Scrabble LEISURE GENIUS (c,i) Seaking PLAYERS (c,i) Shadow of the Bear KUMA (c,i) Shit EUROSOFT (c,i) Shnax KUMA (c,)

Showjumper Harvey Smith SOFTWARE PROJECTS (c,i) Silent Shadow KIXX (c,i) Skramble LIVEWIRE (c,i) Skyhawk BUGBYTE (c,i)

Slapshot ANIROG (c,i) Smack Wacker EAGLESOFT (c,i) Snake It EAGLESOFT (c,i) Soccer Boss AS (c,i) Sorcery VIRGIN (c,i)

Soul of a Robot MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Space Busters EAGLESOFT (c,i) Space Rescue EAGLESOFT (c,i) Space Walk MASTERTRONIC (c,i)

Spaghetti Western ZEPPLIN GAMES (c,i) Spanish is Fun CDS (c,i)Special Operations LOTHLORIEN (c,i)

Speed King MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Spooks & Ladders (c,) Spy V Spy The Island Caper (c,i) Spitfire 40 MIRROSOFT (c,i)

Squish `Em PANASONIC (c,i) Star Avenger KUMA (c,)

Starbrite EUROSOFT (c,i) Stardust KUMA (c,i) Starquake BUBBLEBUS (c,i) Steve Davis BLUE RIBBON (c,i)

Stop the Express KUMA (c,) Storm MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Stormbringer MAD (c,i) Streaker BULLDOG (c,i) Super Bowl BUDGIE (c,i)

Superchess KUMA (c,i) Supermaze MORWOOD (c,i) Sweet Acorn ELETRIC DREAMS (c,i) System 8 BLUE RIBBON (c,i)

Tank Battalion BUGBYTE (c,i) Tasword FILOSOFT (c,) Terminus MAD (c,i) Terramax BUGBYTE (c,i) The Boss PEAKSOFT (c,)

The Dam Busters US GOLD (c,i) The Flintstones GRANDSLAM (c,i) The Heist EAGLESOFT (c,i) The Hobbit MELBOURNE HOUSE (I)

The Inheritance INFOGRAMES (c,i) The Last Commando SUMMIT (c,i) The Munsters AS (c,i) The Price of Magik LEVEL 9 (c,i)

The Ice King CDS (c,i) Tetris MIRRORSOFT (c,i) Time Rider EUROSOFT (c,i)

The Race PLAYERS (c,i) The Snowman QUICKSILVA (c,i) The Way of the Tiger GREMLIN (c,i) The Worm in Paradise LEVEL 9 (c,i)

The Wreck ELECTRIC SOFTWARE (c,i) Thing Bounces Back GREMLIN (c,i) Thunderbirds GRANDSLAM (c,i) Time Bandits PSS (c,i)

Time Curb EAGLESOFT (c,i) Time Trax BUGBYTE (c,i) Titanic KIXX (c,i) Tournament Snooker MAGNIFICENT 7 (c,i)

Trailblazer GREMLIN (c,i) Trantor KIXX (c,i) Trantor GO (c,i) Turbo Bike AS (c,i) Turf Form BLUE RIBBON (c,i) Turmoil BUGBYTE (c,i)

Uchi Mata MARTECH (c,)

Vacuumania PSS (c,i) Valkyr GREMLIN (c,i) Vampire CODEMASTERS (c,i) Venom Strikes Back ERBE (c,i)

Vestron PLAYERS (c,i) Voidrunner MASTERTRONIC (c,i) Vortex Raider EUROSOFT (c,i)

Wallball MICROVALUE (c,i) Warp Warp BUGBYTE (c,i)

Who Dares Wins II AS (c,i) Winter Events ANCO (c,i) Wnter Games EPYX (c,i) Winter Olympics TYNESOFT (c,i)

Wizards Lair BUBBLEBUS (c,i) Wizards Lair BLUE RIBBON (c,i) Wordprocessor KUMA (c,) World Games KIXX (c,i)


Zakil Wood MR MICRO (c,i) Zaxxon ELECTRIC DREAMS (c,i) Zipper KUMA (c,i) Zoids MARTECH (c,i) Zoot BUGBYTE (c,i)

3d Golf TOSHIBA (c,i)

10th Frame US GOLD (c,i) 180 MAD (c,i) 737 Flight Simulator MIRROSOFT (c,i) At Top Speed TOPO (c,i) Basic MSX SOFTWORLD (c,i)

Compilation 1 EAGLESOFT (c,) 5 Star BEAU JOLLY (c,i) Games Pack 1 ORPHEUS (c,) Hits 3 BEAU JOLLY (c,i) Hits 6 BEAU JOLLY (c,i)

Monster Pack (c,i) MSX Classics GREMLIN (c,i) MSX Plus German Software (c,i) Supersellers 1 EAGLESOFT (c,)

Supersellers 2 EAGLESOFT (c,i) Basic TOSHIBA (c,) Masters ULTIMATE (c,i) Exploding Atoms & Vicious Viper SANYO (c,)

MSX Nostalgia (c,i) Perfect Collection (c,i) 

Also on this DVD :-

86 X MSX Cheats including Nemesis - MetalGear - Zanac

60 X MSX Disks that can Run the MSX emulator

137 X MSX Disks with over 400 games play on an MSX Emulator

373 X MSX Roms which can be played on a MSX Emulator

99 X MSX Tapes that can be run on any MSX 



C = Cover      i =Instructions

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bbc logo.png

BBC & Acorn Roms zip file

BBC & Acorn Manuals zip file

Acorn Electron &


 (2GB of tape covers to print and Manuals and ROMS)

the following are scans of tape and box covers and manuals 

to print and replace old covers and missing pages and the roms 

can be played through an BBC emulator

(B) = BBC (E) = Acorn Electron (E&B) = Dual Cover


3 Deep Space (B) 3D Bomb Alley (E) – 3D Grand Prix (B) – 3D Maze (E) 180! Darts – 737 Flight Simulater (B)

2002 (B) – 6502 (B) - 747 (B)


A Question of Spoprt (B) - Action Pack (E) – Adventure (B) - Airwolf (B) – Airwolf (encore) (B) -

Algebraic Manipulation (B) - Amazing Ollie (B)

Anarchy Zone (E&B) – Android Attack (B) – Animal Vegetable Mineral (B) – Apocalypse (B)

Apple Pie (B) - Arcade Action (B) – Arcadians (B) – Arcadians (E) – Assembly Language (B)

Astro Plumber (B) – Astro Plumber (E) – Attack on Alpha Centauri (B)


Ballstix (E&B) – Ballstix (B) – Bandits at 3 o'clock (B) – Bandits at 3 o'clock (E)

Barbarian (E&B) – Barbarian II (E&B) – Battle Tank (B) – Battlezone 2000 (E&B) – BBC Bonanza (B)

BCPL (B) - Beach Head (B) - Beach Head (E) - Bird Strike (E) – Birdie Barrage (B) – Birds of Prey (B)

Blagger (B) – Blockbuster (B) – Blockbusters (B) – Blockbusters (E&B)

Bone Cruncher (E) – Bone Cruncher (E&B) – Boris In The Underworld (B) - Boulder Dash (E&B)

Bounty Bob Strikes Back (B) - Boxer (E)

Brian Clough (E&B) - Brian Jacks (E&B) – Bruce Lee (B) - Buffalo Bill`s Rodeo Games (E&B) – Bugblaster (B)

Bullseye (B) – Bumble Bee (B) – Bumble Bee (E) – Business Games (E) – By Fair means or Foul (B)


Canyon (B) - Cassette 50 (B) – Castle Blackstar (B) -

Castle of Riddles (B) – Caterpillar (E) - Caveman Adventure (B) – Cavey (B) - Cheat it Again Joe Vol 1 (E)

Cheat it Again Joe Vol 2 (E) – Chemistry (B) – Chess (E) – Chicane (B) – Chieftain (B) - Chuckie Egg (B)

Citadel (B) – Citadel (E) – City Defence (E) - Classic Arcade Games (B) – Colditz Adventure (B)

Colossal Adventure (E) - Combat Lynx (B) – Combat Lynx (E&B) – Commando (E)

Commonwealth Games (E&B) - Computer Hits (B) – Computer Hits 2 (B) – Computer Hits 2 (E)

Computer Hits 3 (E) – Confuzion (E&B)

Contraption (B) – Copter Capers (B) – Corporate Climber (B) – Cosmic Combat (B) – Cosmic Cruiser (B)

Cranky (B) - Crazee Rider (E&B) - Crazy Erbert (E&B)

Crazy Painter (B) – Crazy Tracer (B) – Creepy Cave (E&B) - Croaker (E) – Cruncher (B)

Crystal Castles (B) - Cybertron Mission (E) – Cylon Attack (B) – Cylon Attack (E)


Dambusters (B) – Danger UXB (E) – Daredevil Dennis (B) – Daredevil Dennis (E) – Darts (B)

Dead or Alive (E&B) - Deathstar (E&B) – Demolator (B) - Demon Decorator (B) – Desk Diary (E)

Diamond Mine (B) – Diamond Mine (E) - Diamond Mine II (E) – Digger (B) – Dragon Rider (B)

Drain Mania (B) - Draughts (E) – Draughts and Reversi (E) – Drogna (B) – Duck (B) – Dungeon Adventure (B) Dunjunz (B)


Escape From Moonbase Alpha (B) – Escape From Moonbase Alpha (E) – Eagle (B)

Early Learning (B) – Eddie Kidd Challenge (E&B) – Electron Bumper Bundle (E)

Elite (B) – Elite (E) – Elixir (E&B) – Empire (B) – Empire (E&B)

European Knowledge (B) - Ewgeebez (B) – Exile (B)


Fab Four (E) – Facemaker (B) – Facemaker (E&B) – Fairground (B)

Felix and the Evil Weevils (E) – Felix and the Fruit Monsters (B) – Fingerprint (B)

Felix and the Fruit Monsters (E) – Felix in the Factory (B) – Felix in the Factory (E)

Firebug (B) – Five Star Games (B) – Five Star Games (E) – Five Star Games II (B)

Flight Path 737 (E) – Flip (B) - Football Manager (B) – Fortress (B) – Four Great Games Vol 1 (E)

Four Great Games Vol 3 (E) – Frak (B) – Frankenstein 2000 (B) - French on the Run (B) – French on the Run (E&B)

Frenzy (B) – Frenzy (E) – Frogger (B) – Fun Games (B) - Fun School 5-8 (E&B) – Fun School 8-12 (E&B)

Funfair (B) – Future Shock (E&B)


Galactic Commander (E) – Galactic Empire (B) - Galactic Patrol (E&B) – Galaforce (E) – Galaxians (B)

Galaxy Raiders (B) - Gateway to Karos (B)

Gauntlet (E) – Geoff Capes (E&B) – German (B) – Get Set (B) - Ghouls (E) – Gideon's Gamble – Gondor (B)

Gorph (B) – Graphs and Charts (E) – Greedy Dwarf (E) - Green Beret (B) – Gremlins (E)

Gunsmoke (E) - Gyroscope (E&B)


Hampstead (E&B) – Hareraiser (B) – Heist (B) – History Quiz (E&B) – Holy Horrors (B)

Honey Bug (B) - Hopper (E) – Hubert (B) - Hunchback (B)


I do (E&B) – Ian Botham`s Test Match (E&B) – Impossible Mission (E&B) – Infinity (B)

Instant Recall (B) - Interglactic Trader (E) – Intruders (B) – Italian (B)


Jet Power Jack (E) – Jet Set Willy (E&B) – Joe Blade II (E&B) – Junior Maths (E&B)

Junior Word Splits (B)


Kamakazi (E) – Kane (E&B) - Karate Combat (E&B) – Karls Cavern (B) - Katakombs (B) – Kensington (B)

Killapede (E&B) - Killer Gorilla (B) - Killer Gorilla (E)

Kissin Kousins (B) – Konami Coin op Hits (B) – Krakout (B)


Labyrinths of La Coshe (B) – Landfall (B) - Laser Command (B) – Last of the Free (E&B)

League Challenge (E&B) - Ledge Man (B) - License to Kill (E) – Lode Runner (B) – Lost City (B)



Magic Mushrooms (E) – Manic Miner (B) – Map Rally (B) – Match Day (B)

Maths Invaders (E&B) – Maths Tutor (E&B) – Mathspell (B) – Maze (B) – Maze (E)

Me & My Micro (E) - Megaplay (E&B) – Meteors (B) – Micro Olympics (E) – Micro Power Magic (E)

Microball (E&B) – Microbe (B) – Microcosm (B) – Mikie (B) - Millionaire (E&B) – Mined Out (B)

Mineshaft (E&B) - Mini Office (E) – Mini Office II (B) -

Missile Attack (B) – Missile Base (B) – Missile Command (B) – Missile Strike (B) – Monopoly (B) - Monsters (B)

Moonraider (B) - Mouse Trap (E&B) – Mr Mephisto (B)

Mr T`s Alphabet Games (B) – Mr Wimpy (B) – Mr Wiz (B) – Music Processor (B)


Night World (E&B) – Nightmare Maze (B) – NightShade (E&B) – Noc A Bloc (B)

Number Gulper (B) – Number Painter (B) - Number Puzzler (E&B) – Numberfun (B)


Oblivion (B) – Ollie Octopus (B)


Painting (B) – Panik (E&B) - Paperboy (B) – Paperboy (E&B) – Pedro (B) – Pengi (E) – Percy Penguin (B)

Peter Scott Trilogy (B) – Phantom (E&B) – Phantom Flight Combat (B) - Phantom Flight Simulation (E&B)

Philosopher`s Quest (B) – Physics (B) – Plan B2 (E&B) – Planes (B) - Planetoid (B) – Planetoid (E)

Play it Again Sam 1 (E) – Play it Again Sam 1 (E&B) – Play it Again Sam 2 (B)

Play it Again Sam 2 (E) – Play it Again Sam 3 (instructions only)

Play it Again Sam 4 (instructions only) – Play it Again Sam 5 (E&B)

Play it Again Sam 12 (instructions only) – Positron (E) – Power Pack 2 (E) – Proteans (B) - Psycastria (E&B)


Q-man (B) – Questprobe (hulk) (B) – Questprobe (Spiderman) (B) – Quiz (E&B)


Raid Over Moscow (B) - Ravenskull (B) – Ravenskull (E) – Ravenskull (E&B) – Red Arrows (B) – Redcoates (E&B)

Repton (B) – Repton (E&B) – Repton 3 (B) – Repton 3 (E) – Repton Around The World (B)

Repton Infinity (B) – Return of R2 (E&B) – Return to Eden (B) – Ricochet (E&B) - Rik The Roadie (E&B)

Roadrunner (B) - Roboto (E&B) – Rocket Raid (B) – Roman Empire (B) - Round Ones (E&B)

Rubble Trouble (B)


Sea Lord (B) - Sentence Sequencing (B) – Siege (B) – Sim (B) – Sim City (E&B)

 Sinbad (B) – Skyhawk (E&B) Sliding Block (B)

Smash and Grab (B) – Smash 7 (B) - Snapper (E) Snooker (B) – Son of Blagger (B)

Southern Belle (E&B) – Space Adventure (B) – Space Jailer (B) – Space Shuttle (B) - Spacestation Alpha (B)

Spanish (B) – S-Pascal (E) - Spectipede (B) – Spectipede (E&B) – Spellbinder (E&B) – Sphinx Adventure (E)

Sphinx Adventure (B) – Spitfire Command (B) - Spooksville (E&B) – Sport Spectacular (E&B)

Sporting Triangles (E&B) – Spy Hunter (B) - Spycat (E) – Star Drifter (B) – Star Striker (B) – Star Warp (B)

Starmaze (B) - Starmaze 2 (B) – Starquake (B) – Starship Command (B)

Steve Davis Snooker (E&B) – Stock Car (B) – Stock Car (E) – Stranded (E)

Strike Force Harrier (E&B) – Stryker`s Run (E&B) Stryker`s Run (B) – Stryker`s Run (E)

Subway Vigilante (E&B) – Super Fruits (B) – Super Hangman (E) - Survivors (E&B) – Swarm (B) - Swoop (B)


Twin Kingdom Valley (E&B) – The Way of the Exploding Fist (B) – Tablesums (B) Tales of the Arabian Nights (E&B)

The Way of the Exploding Fist (E&B) – Tank Attack CDS (E&B) - Tank Attack (B) - Tanks (B) – Tapper (B)

Tarzan (E&B) - Tarzan Boy (E) – Tempest (E) – Tennis (E)

Tetris (E&B) – The Acornsoft Hits Vol 1 (B) – The Art Studio (E&B) – The Complete BBC (B) - The Generators (B)

The Great Wall (E&B) – The Hacker (E) – The Hobbit (B) – The Hunt (B) - The Last Ninja (B)

The Last of the Free (E&B) – The Life Of Repton (B) – The Life Of Repton (E)

The Living Daylights (B) – The Music System (B) - The Magic Sword (E&B) – The Micro User Xmas Disk (B)

The Mine (B) – The Mine (E) – The Real You (B) - The Sentinel (B) – The Slicker Puzzle (B) - The Stolen Lamp (B)

The Superior Collection Vol 1 (B) – The Superior Collection Vol 3 (E) – The Wizard (B)

Thrust (E&B) – Thunder Struck (E&B) – Thunderball (B) – Timeman Two (B)

Tipster (B) - Tomcat (E&B) – Tree of Knowledge (B) Triple Decker 1 (E&B) – Triple Decker 3 (E&B)

Triple Decker 5 (E&B) – Triple Decker 7 (E&B) – Trivial Pursuit (B) – Trivial Pursuit New Beginning (B)


Ultron (B) - Uranians (E&B) – Uridium (B)


Valley of the Pharoahs (B) - Vegas Jackpot (E&B) – Video Card Arcade (E&B) – Vindaloo (E&B) – VU File (B)


W.A.R. (B) – Walk the Plank (E) – Wall (B) - Wallaby (B) – Warp 1 (B) – Welcome Pack (B)

Wetzone (E) – White Knight II (B) - Winter Olympics (E&B) – Wizadore (B) – Wizard`s Challenge (B)

Woks (E&B) – Wongo (B) – Word Sequencing (B) - World Geography (B) – Word Wise (B)


Xanagrams (B)


Yie Ar Kung Fu (B) – Yie Ar Kung Fu (E&B)


Zany Kong Junior (B) – Zarm (B) - Zenon (E&B)